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The Croft is an amazing school for everyone. It caters for every need and we have an incredible team of learning support staff. It goes from two years to eleven years old. We have loads of lovely teachers and you are guaranteed to make new friends, who will support you no matter what you are doing. You are rewarded with house points for good behaviour and stars for great work. You will be put into one of four houses, competing with each other in lots of different events, St David, St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. You will love it here at The Croft.

The Croft offers 30 acres for the pupils to enjoy, from fields to the classrooms. The ‘Forest School’ is a playing area that the Pre-Prep use the most. The sports areas on the fields include a track, with easy to see white lines so you do not drift out of your lane. We also have a lovely wooden pavilion for our summer cricket. Our fields with pretty green grass is full of pupils enjoying the freedom to play football or maybe a quick game of cricket. Others love to go down to a place called Bugsville where under the cover of trees you can trade sticks and stones and build big houses. Beautifully made and looked after, arch willows are fun for the Pre-Prep to run about in. At the end of the academic day children like to find a friend and play at The Croft castle playground, located at the bottom of the long drive. Our car parks are never out of space and there is a separate car park for the Prep and Pre-Prep.

On sports day you can hear the pounding of children’s feet as they race around the 200-metre track. Sports day is a house tournament where you can win a cup for your house. The winner is the house with the least amount of points. We have many different events to choose from. Some of the events are throwing, for people with a strong throw. In the summer, the boys also get to play cricket and use the school’s cricket nets. We do lots of other sports such as football, rugby, hockey, rounders and netball. In netball, you learn to do the bounce pass, when you pass to the floor, it bounces up to the other person, and they pass back to you.

At The Croft we have lots of different clubs, some at breaktime and some after school. Some of the clubs available are football, rounders, hockey, rugby, cricket and rowing. They are all really fun. School trips are also really good fun. Some places that you might go include Cadburys World, Warwick castle, The Think Tank, Lunt fort and The Black Country Museum.

In Science we are taught about lifecycles. We particularly liked learning about The Mayans in History and their blood sacrifices. In English we read The Iron Man and it was very exciting! In RE we have learnt about miracles and how God turned water into wine, which is interesting.

The Croft has many different music ensembles, such as orchestra, jazz ensemble and wind band. Mr Shortman is head of music. Mrs Crane does string ensemble and music theory. Mr White does percussion ensemble and teaches drums and glockenspiel. There are many more instruments to choose from and lots of teachers, who are world class.

Mrs Edwards is the catering lady. She makes sure every table of eight has food and organises the menus. After a match has been played the cooks put together some food. On Wednesday we have roast dinner, normally turkey but sometimes beef, chicken or pork. The puddings are really delicious. The best picture of the week is put on the menu. There is always bread on the table and sometimes we have soup instead of pudding. I would rate the food five stars! 

In conclusion the school is a calm environment with lovely students and teachers. The lessons are always interesting and fun, particularly drama and computing. We are lucky to have such large grounds to play on and to do sports.


Will it Float or Sink?

DSC00005 webChildren in Class RL have been exploring how and why different objects float and sink when placed in water. They collected objects found around the classroom and in the Reception garden for their investigation. In teams, the children discussed and designed a boat and used the materials they found to build it. Then they put their boats to the test! These are the results and children's comments:

Boat 1 - made of sticks and leaves floated for a short time before sinking. "There are too many holes in it",  "The water is coming through", "The sticks are too heavy".

Boat 2 - made of cardboard boxes and paper tubes floated for a little longer before sinking. "It's not waterproof", "It's gone soft and soggy", "It's breaking into pieces".

Boat 3 - made of yogurt pots and milk bottles is still floating and even carried toy passengers! "It's balancing on the water", "It's light", "The bottle has air in it".

South Warwickshire Athletics Success!

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent the area, at the South Warwickshire Primary Schools Athletics, as a result of their terrific performances at the Kineton High School qualification afternoon:

Year 3 - Olivia F, Ava L, Isabella P L, Isabella S, Rory C, Sam D, Teddy H, Ed P, Austin Q Year 4 - Beatrix B, Evie C, Georgia H, Olivia P, Alannah S, Finn G, Bobby H, Will J, Will P Year 5 - Abigail B, Isabella B, Charlotte F-S, Mollie H, Maddie L, Izzie M, George B, Ewan C, Joshua F, Anthony H, Tristan Q Year 6 - Tabi B, Lolita G, Tulah S, Annabelle W, Alex F, Milo F, Oliver F, James K, Kieran P, James T

The South Warwickshire Athletics event will take place at Stratford upon Avon School on Monday 3 July, from noon to 4.30pm. Good luck to all our competitors!

The Secrets of Storytelling


The pupils in Class 1H have been creating their own stories. They have studied traditional tales from significant authors and stories from around the globe; but what makes a good story? The 1H children have the answers:

  •  I like pictures that go with the words – Ollie
  •  I like it when they are really really exciting – Isabella
  •  I like stories that are educational – Sonny
  •  Stories are great for improving everyone’s imagination – Bella
  •  I think stories should have happy endings – Ruby
  •  I like being told stories because it is relaxing – Christopher
  •  I think stories should be exciting and action packed – Henry
  •  Pictures are good because they help me to imagine the story – Charlie                  
  •  I like stories that are calm and happy – Isla
  •  Listening to stories helps me with my writing – Barnaby
  •  I like stories that have magical creatures in them – Amelia
  •  Stories should teach us a lesson – Tobias
  •  I like books with chapters because they help me remember where I have reached – Arthur
  •  I like having stories being read to me and I like the bright pictures - Naomi


Ready For Curtain Up!


Year 6 children are standing in the wings, ready for curtain-up, for their production of ‘Wind in the Willows’, a theatrical and musical adventure about the bumpy road of friendship.  The children’s schoolwork focuses entirely on the play for two weeks, with the children being involved in all aspects of the play: creating props and sets, performing the accompanying music and learning their lines, cheerfully encouraged and directed by Head of Drama, Mr Bixley. 

The production is very much a grand finale for Year 6, an accumulation of all the creative arts the children have learnt during their time at The Croft.  The Year 6 play has always been regarded as a treat, a reflection of how well the children have worked preparing themselves for their new secondary schools.  Once again, Year 6 pupils have worked hard and achieved well, with an impressive 17 scholarships and 16 grammar school places awarded from over 20 different local and national schools.  Whilst we are delighted for the pupils achieving their awards, The Croft puts greater emphasis on pupils being socially, emotionally and academically prepared for the secondary school transition; and that pupils have been inspired and nurtured throughout their time at The Croft.

As the Kenneth Grahame quote reminds us, “Here today, up and off to somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! The whole world before you, and a horizon that's always changing!” Congratulations, Year 6, we wish you all the best for your future.

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