Down at the Station

train shed re size for webThe children in Class RMA have had an exciting week learning all about trains. They have found out about how trains have changed over the years, by looking at information from both books and the computer; they have all helped make a class model of a steam train out of junk; and written about where they would like to go on a train journey. The class also had a treat; and  visited  Mr Thornton's train shed where the children were all able to wind the engines up and watch them race around the tracks. The children asked Mr Thornton some interesting questions:

Emme H: "How do they work?" Mr Thornton demonstrated the spring mechanism which goes inside each little train.

Charlotte F: "How old are they?" Mr Thornton told us they were about 80 years old!

Joshua E: "What are they made from?" Mr Thornton said they are mostly metal.

Lara H: "How many are there?" Mr Thornton said there were around 100 different!

He also showed the class his favourite train, called KIng Arthur, and showed us how fast it could go. The children will also be finishing their train themed week with a talk from Hugo Hall's mother who is a train engineer.  What a fun and busy week!


Rock & Pop Strings Workshop

rock and pop

On Friday 5th May, Ms Tori Rushton came to The Croft School to present Rock & Pop Strings Workshop. At the beginning we danced to the music and learnt the rhythm to a song called ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana!

Tori put us into two groups, one for the rhythm section and one for the melody. The violins and violas got to turn their instruments on their side and play them like a guitar!

Tori taught some more advanced pupils the melody. Even Mr Shortman got his violin out and played along. It was really exciting to do a new style of music. Tori showed us her electric cello which we all thought was awesome. As we drew closer to the performance we began to put the whole piece together and it sounded great. All the parents thought that it was COOL!

rock and pop 2

Overall we really enjoyed playing with Tori and if we were given another opportunity to do so, we would definitely say “Yes!”

By Olivia P, Charlotte K & Annabelle W

The Croft Cook-off Final!


IMG 2818The Croft Cook-off started in January with lots of very enthusiastic Prep children entering the competition.   The idea was to bake a cake in the Croft kitchens, after school with ingredients brought from home, within a one-hour cook time.

Cooking heats took place on a weekly basis, with the children baking cakes that looked and tasted delicious.  By the time the remaining eight bakers had reached the semi-finals, the Croft catering team who ran and judged the event, had tasted a lot of cake!  Erin McA 4BC, Abbie B 5H, Meg N 5CD, and Evie A 6M were successful in reaching the Cook-off final - their final task was to bake something that represented The Croft.

The standard of baking for the final was exceptional with great thought put into the theme.   The girls baked: a Croft shield, two castles (one with Mr Cook, one with pupils) and a maroon coloured velvet cake.  The tricky job of judging fell to Ms Julie Rosado and Mr Adrian Roberts, both of whom work in catering companies.  The children impressed the judges with their design ideas, baking skill sets, and even their ability to clear away! 

It was Erin who was triumphant, becoming The Croft Cook-off Champion 2017 with her castle cake. The judges felt that Erin was calm and collected throughout the final and that her strawberry flavoured cake was delicious and showed great attention to detail.  Congratulations, Erin!

Many thanks to Ms Julie Rosado and Mr Adrian Roberts for judging the final and to Mrs Serena Edwards and her catering team for running the competition.

Easter Gardens 2017


Easter GardensMrs Challis, Head of RE, writes: Well done to all the Year 5 pupils for their amazing Easter gardens; they have made a beautiful and thought-provoking display! Congratulations to the overall winners: Isabella B (5H), Ella H (5CD) and Sienna H (5L). The runners-up were: Oliver C, Luke F, Maddie L and Thomas McW (5CD); Charlotte F-S, Freddie S, Sammy L, Max C and Grace K (5H); Izzie M, Kieran B, Alex A and George W (5L). All the winners were awarded a certificate and a plant to grow at home. This was also a House competition: each entry gained 2 House points for their House; a runner-up was awarded 4 points; and a winner 5 points. We had 2 overall winners from St David’s, and runners-up from each House - it was still very close though! The winning House was St David’s, with 42 points; St George’s 2nd with 41 points; and St Andrew’s and St Patricks joint 3rd with 40 points each.

Le tour de Normandie


France aLe tour de Normandie pour les Année 6 s’est bien passé. Par deux fois la Manche était très calme et nous avons mangé du poisson frites ou poulet frites avec le ciel bleu et le soleil qui brillait. Pendant la semaine, nous sommes allés au Mont St Michel et avons fait du shopping à St Malo après la visite des ramparts. La meilleure excursion était quand nous avons visité la chèvrerie de la Saffrie et avons caressé les jeunes chèvres. Tous le monde a eu un fromage de chèvre en souvenir; miam-miam! Et toujours les enfants ont essayé de parler français. Merci à Mme St Laurent, la chef du voyage, qui a organisé ce beau séjour!

France b

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