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 Do you think you’ve got what it takes to entertain the School? Have you a hidden talent you would like to share with us? This is your chance! To take part, you need to collect an Audition Sheet from Mrs Crocombe and fill it in with all your details. This needs to be done by Friday 20 January, at the latest. You will then be called for your audition during a break time, which will be watched by the House Captains. You don’t need to change into costumes for this – we just need to get an idea of what you are doing – but please bring along any music you may need on a memory stick. Looking back to previous years, what really impressed the judges were pupils who had decided upon an original act, had rehearsed well and then performed confidently. We look forward to watching another fun-packed, entertaining show, and seeing who will be crowned this year’s winners! This is a House competition, so House Points are awarded to everyone who enters.

Season's Greetings


Croft season’s greetings are warmly sent your way, from all the staff and pupils too, for a fabulous festive holiday!

Robin Bobbin


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With stormy costumes and hurricane sound effects, the North Wind swept onto the stage creating a dramatic entrance for the Year 2 Christmas play.  The children were performing the tale of ‘Robin Bobbin’ – how Robin Bobbin had to be brave in order to save his family.

Mr and Mrs Bobbin had had a big brood of baby robins this year and they certainly took a lot of feeding!  Unfortunately, the Bobbin’s nest was in a tree which had been condemned and would need to be chopped down.  Flight training had already started for the brood so that they could reach their new nest before the North Wind arrived.

The Bobbins got all their chicks safely to their new nest when they realised that a chick had been accidentally left behind and that Mr Bobbin would have to find great courage to brave the North Wind to rescue the scared chick.

With the help of a ‘dog that thinks it is a cat’, Scarecrow Jack and some wonderful audience participation that cheered ‘Robin be brave’ - our tiny hero succeeds and returns to the nest to rescue the chick.

Year 2 children worked very hard to perform ‘Robin Bobbin’ to such an accomplished standard, as the storyline required demanding acting skills and movement.  The children really did deliver a knockout performance!

The Grumpy Sheep

Grumpy sheep 1

Reception children really enjoyed performing ‘The Grumpy Sheep’, a tale which touches on the traditional nativity from a sheep’s point of view!

The sheep were too grumpy to travel to Bethlehem and needed to be encouraged by a host of angels to go and visit the Baby Jesus.  The angels performed a graceful dance taught to them by their angel ballet teachers!  On their journey, the grumpy sheep met the three wise men carrying gifts for Jesus.  Eventually the grumpy sheep made it to Bethlehem and visited Mary, Joseph and Jesus and became very happy sheep.

Reception children did a fantastic job performing ‘The Grumpy Sheep’, remembering all their lines, the words to five songs and moving around in wonderful, but tricky, costumes; all this, in front of a full admiring audience of parents and grandparents!   Well done Reception!



Gnome Alone!

Gnome alone1

With cheery, clear voices and colourful costumes, Year 1 children told the story of how Norman the Gnome desperately wanted to help Santa in any way he could.  Norman tried to help paint Santa’s sleigh, groom the reindeer and pack the presents but he couldn’t as he was just too small.  Unfortunately, the elves worked so hard, that they were sleeping when Santa needed help delivering Christmas presents – Norman our hero, saved the day and helped Santa deliver the presents!

The children’s performance was fantastic, it was colourful and funny, with five songs, lots of dialogue, props and movement to remember! 

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