Wonderful Comments - Early Years

At the end of the Summer Term, Mrs Webber asked parents to comment on their child’s time in Early Years.  We thought it would be nice to share some of the wonderful comments with you.

Little Crofters

‘I have been extremely impressed with the professional manner and can-do attitude, nothing is too much trouble.

‘Our daughter is blossoming, she really couldn’t be happier!’

Little Crofters Pre-school

‘We feel that the teachers and the teaching assistants have created a fantastic, nurturing and supportive environment for the children’.

‘Our child has had an absolutely fantastic year in Little Crofters, his progress has been excellent in listening and reading skills’.


‘Our son has blossomed amazingly.  Exceeded our expectations in a lot of areas and has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Reception’.

‘We are beyond thrilled with our child’s progress in Reception’.

Class 2MY Visit to The Black Country Museum

The children in Class 2MY didn’t let the weather spoil their outing to the Black Country Museum. They had an action-packed day where they looked at the Victorian school, a toll house, the canal boat and a scrumptious bakery/biscuit shop. It was hard work in the laundry, where everyone took a turn with the dolly and the mangle; perhaps the school could set up a laundry service! And the children loved the  Laurel & Hardy film in the old cinema - slapstick never dies.

John B, Sebastian B and Samuel L M were offered employment as guides, and several people stopped us to ask where the children came from and compliment them on their behaviour - well done, everyone!

If you are looking for something to do at Half Term, you could have a super day at the Black Country Museum, perhaps without the rain!

Mindfulness and Relaxation

The children in Class 2MS have been doing some mindfulness and relaxation in class; this is how some of them feel about it:

‘I feel happy, relaxed and peaceful’ – Orla

‘I feel like I am sinking through the floor’ –  Tilly

‘Sometimes I feel like I am going somewhere different’ – Lila

‘It makes me feel very special and relaxed’ –  Anna

‘Sometimes when I have a bad headache or bad knees, it makes them disappear’ – Jack

‘I feel like I am the only person in the room and I feel very confident. Sometimes I feel like I have just disappeared’ – Grace

‘I love Yoga and enjoy doing it at home’ –  Albert

‘I am excited that we might do Yoga at school!’ – Edward

‘I find it very relaxing and using the bubbles to help with breathing’ – Louie

‘I feel so relaxed and positive’ – Jiya

‘I love Yoga and really, really want to try that’ – Oliver

Some of the sayings we use to help keep us positive are:

‘I am calm’ – Thomas

‘I am special’ – Henry

‘I am peaceful’ – Jim

‘I am funny’ – Josh

‘I am strong and joyful’ – Woody

‘I am marvellous’ – Rohan

Archie says: ‘I would like Year 1 to try it, and even Mr Bolderston and Mr Cook!’

Story Writing Workshop

RL web 1In preparation for World Book Day, pupils from year 6 joined the Reception and Pre-Prep classes for a story writing workshop.  In Class RL, the children shared their wonderful ideas and created stories of knights and princesses, wild animals, superheroes, and a talking toaster and kettle! We cannot wait for Year 6 to come back to read their finished stories to us next week!

House Talent Show


This year’s House Talent Show was the biggest and best yet! In addition to Prep children and parents of those taking part in the Final, we welcomed Pre-Prep pupils, plus a class from Welcombe Hills School, to join the audience.

 boys talent

The range of acts was astounding: from Rubik’s Cubes being solved in record time, to Columbian dancing, to interactive poetry recitals, to singing and dancing and original compositions. The quality of the performances was equally astounding; each and every finalist had practised and perfected their act.

House Talent Show 2017

The judges this year were selected from the Junior Croft Council, one representative from each Year group, and they had a difficult task deciding who would come out as the eventual 2017 winner. In the end, their choice was Charlotte K, who delivered a dramatic performance on the most enormous Chinese drum you could imagine! Included in her act was a brave and determined speech in Mandarin as well as gymnastics performed on the drum itself. These were met by gasps from the audience.

 Girls Talent


First: Charlotte K (Patrick’s)

Second: Harriet K (Patrick’s)

Third: Sofia O’C (David’s)


007 Year 6 boys: George F and Noah S (George’s) Oliver F (Patrick’s)

Phoebe L (Andrew’s)

Maddie L (Patrick’s)

Novelty comedy Year 4 boys: Rory F (David’s), Will J and Charlie F (Patrick’s) and Nathaniel J (George’s)

House points are awarded to every pupil who comes for an audition and more House points are given the further through the competition someone reaches: for an audition = 2 House points, right up to the winner being awarded 10 House points.

House totals were as follows:     George’s             84

                                                   Patricks’s             80

                                                   Andrew’s             52

                                                   David’s                44

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