Poetry Competition Results


Congratulations to the winners and runners-up in The Croft Poetry Competition! Isabella B, Year 6, and Lily P, Year 1, have each been awarded a £10 voucher - kindly donated by Waterstones. The runners-up are Daisy H, Year 3, and Georgina P, Year 2; and a very special mention goes to Xavier S, in Reception. Thank you to all the children who wrote a poem; this competition has showcased some wonderful talent amongst our pupils.

Raindrops by Lily P Raindrops,

raindrops everywhere Falling,

falling from the air Pitter-patter,

pitter-patter is the sound Drip-drop,

drip-drop all around Raindrops,

raindrops go away!

Bring the sun so I can play

Wait a minute… lets get dressed!

Jumping in puddles is the best!


Dreams by Isabella B

I close my eyes and dare to dream,

Of all the things I’ve never seen.

Of all the people I’ve loved and lost,

Of all past summers and winter frosts.

Of all the times I’d swim to gold,

Of all the trophies that I’d hold.

Of all the ice creams I have licked,

Of all the vegetables I have picked.

Of all the friends I have made,

Of all the times I have played.

Of all the things I have read,

Of all the things I’d wish I said.

Of all the times I’d study in class,

Of all the exams I’d hope to pass.

Of all the netball passes I’d get,

Of all the shots I’d get in the net.

Of all the things I could do,

Oh how I hope these dreams come true.

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